Silver Jubilee 2555X Head


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Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555X Head


The Silver Jubilee Series was created in 1987 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of Marshall Amplification® and the 50th year of Jim Marshall® being in the music business, hence the Silver Jubilee’s original ’25/50’ designation. The limited edition all-valve Silver Jubilee amplifiers looked stunning in silver vinyl covering with chrome-plated control panel.

Based on JCM800, 2203, and 2204 Master Volume models, the Jubilee amplifiers were the first Marshall® products with Pentode/Triode switching, which halves power output.

The Jubilee Series featured an innovative, if somewhat unusual, preamp circuit which had three gain modes:Clean, Rhythm Clip, and footswitchable Lead Channel.

The Bass, Middle, Treble & Presence controls, although shared between channels, were re-designed and offered more tonal variation than any other Marshall product had before.

The 100 Watt 2555 Jubilee head caused a sensation when it was launched in January 1987 and, because it was produced only during the anniversary year, it has since become a collector’s piece. But perhaps the real reason the 2555 acquired legendary status is because of the playing public, who took it to their hearts.

The 2555 was one of our most successful products out-right, and since it was discontinued in 1988 one of the most common questions we have been asked is, when are you going to re-issue the 2555 Silver Jubilee?” So, by popular demand, we have created the 2555X, which is a modern re-issue of the 2555, with the same sonic characteristics and functionality.

The 2555X circuitry is taken from original 2555 diagrams and has been checked against the 2555 head in the Marshall museum. With modern production techniques we were also able to make some improvements to the electronics. Switching circuitry has been improved to avoid a relay flickering problem found on some original 2555s. Improved (DC) heaters ensure no noise. The introduction of external bias points on the chassis for re-valving and servicing. Black fibreglass wires that are high temperature and high voltage resistant. And the multi-pin connectors have been improved with higher insertion force and current capabilities but remain PVC, just like the originals.

There have been some feature improvements made to the 2555X. On the back panel the original 2555 had two speaker output jacks and a rather awkward Output Impedance Selector. For easier operation the 2555X has no selector and instead has five speaker output jacks ranging from 16 Ohm to 4 Ohm. 


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