Piano Lessons

with Savannah Dawson

Savannah Dawson

Instruments: Voice, Piano
Days Available: Every day 

To schedule piano lessons with Savannah Dawson at Coffey Music call (410) 876-1045 or fill out the form.

Get to know Savannah


Why do you like music?

Music is incredible, wouldn’t you agree? It brings together people from many places, lifestyles, and cultures; and even if they cannot share anything else, they can share music. I enjoy music from many places around the globe, and in many languages. It has been my pleasure to learn songs in French, Italian, German, Spanish, and even a little Japanese, Gaelic, and Welsh, as well as English during my musical career. Despite stylistic differences and changes, one thing rings clear through music: it carries emotion between all humanity. In teaching, I seek to impart that desire to transmit emotion to my students, and teach them that music is not a style or a genre, but a universal language. In fact, switching genres and styles (or timbres) is a fun exercise that students can perform to better learn the range and depth of their voices.


What inspires you about music

“I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music,” wrote Albert Einstein, and I cannot think of any clearer words to describe how music can be an inspiration. Through music, dreams are grasped and concepts that cannot be spoken are clearly heard. “La cathédrale engloutie” (The Sunken Cathedral) by Debussy is one of my favorite pieces, in which an image and an idea can be clearly heard, even though there is not a single word spoken. This is inspiration, when music can sway the multitude and calm the storm where nothing else can. I am passionate about music in everything, and weave it into every day of my life in some way or another. On a lighter note, “without music, life would Bb!”

What have you done?

As a Spring 2018 graduate of McDaniel College, Summa Cum Laude, with a Bachelor of Arts in Music with a specialization in Voice as well as Biology, English, and Scientific Communication, with College Honors and a noted Honors Scholar, synthesis of subjects and topics is my dearest focus. This spills over into my teaching style, which may include games and discussion as well as theory and mechanics to explain and improve vocal techniques in students for whichever style (or styles) they may choose to pursue. I have been fortunate to study under several