Ukulele Lessons

with Monte Leister

Monte Leister

Instruments: Ukulele
Days Available: Mon, Tues, Wed, & Friday

To schedule Ukulele Lessons with Monte Leister at Coffey Music call (410) 876-1045 or fill out the form.

Get to know Monte Leister:


With over 15 years of private lesson teaching experience, Monte Leister is a great fit for anyone who is interested in playing the guitarbass (electric or standup) or Ukulele.  Monte does his best to teach everyone how to read music, help them develop a good sense of rhythm, and a solid understanding of music theory.

“I am determined to not only teach someone how to play an instrument, but to teach them the language of music and ultimately equip them with the ability to speak that language, to create”


Monte is also blessed to share his faith story as a singer-songwriter and guest worship leader.  He performs regularly in the tri-state area.