Guitar Lessons

with Doug Rettberg

Doug Rettberg

Instruments: Guitar
Days Available: Tuesday, Friday, & Saturday

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Ready to sign up for private lessons with Doug? Please send us an email to with the name of the student, age, the preferred day(s) for lessons, and a short message about why he or she would like to take lessons!

Get to know Doug Rettberg:


Experience: Teaching 12 years; Playing 30+ years


Why did you become a Music Teacher?

“I have found it very enjoyable helping others learn to play the guitar, especially since I can still recall some of the struggles I went through in my teenage years and beyond.”


What’s your coolest experience in music so far?

“Getting to record in a professional studio several times and realizing my hard work had paid off, and seeing how I progressed from the first time I recorded to the most recent.”